Three Wines to Kick Off Fall

Where did the time go? Can you believe Fall starts in two days! Don’t worry, we have you covered with our three favorite Fall wine varietals to kick-off the season.

No. 1 Pinot Noir 

Our first choice, Pinot Noir, is a wonderful wine to kick off the Fall because its light and versatile. As the weather begins to change, temperatures start to decrease a bit, but its still pretty warm in the midday and evening times. Pinot Noir is light enough to enjoy in warmer temperatures but it also able to be enjoyed when the temperature drops. Pinot also pairs well with a wide variety of foods due to its light body, high acidity, and light red fruit notes.

Examples: Sunset Rouge Pinot Noir Blend by Pur Noire


No. 2 Chardonnay

Chardonnay is the white wine that rules the Fall! Chardonnays can be made a few different ways, but the most popular style of Chardonnay in the United States is an oaked Chardonnay. Oaked Chardonnays are perfect for the transition to Fall. Like Pinot Noir, Chardonnay is light enough to be enjoyed during a warmer, early Fall day. Chardonnays also have vanilla and other warm spice notes that signal Fall here. Prepping turkey dressing and other Fall casseroles? Break out the Chardonnay and watch your guests be amazed.

Examples: Doree Chardonnay by Pur Noire


No. 3 Merlot

Spicy and fruit forward, with velvety tannins, Merlot is all things fall! This wine is a perfect option for when you want to go red and bold without going to big. Merlot is a medium bodied wine with a softer tannin structure than a Cabernet Sauvignon or a Zinfandel. The more moderate tannin structure makes it the easy red choice for the transition from Summer to Fall. Its dark fruit notes and medium body also make it the perfect wine to take you from light summer whites and roses to heavier reds like Petite Sirah and Cabs.

Examples: Pur Noire Limited Selection Merlot by Pur Noire

Enjoy these wines and others at home! Remember we will ship these and other great wines to you for just $5 when you purchase 3 or more bottles online.