More than a wine club, this is a community… a lifestyle.

– Lifestyle club member

Pur Noire’s wine clubs are so much more than quarterly wine shipments. Our clubs are exclusive memberships similar to social clubs or country clubs. There are only a limited number of members allowed every year and members have exclusive access to certain wines and events. Our wine clubs also provide extraordinary member benefits in the form of VIP experiences surrounding the Pur Noire brand.

Pur Indulgence

12 bottles per year

Trust us… its okay to indulge. Pur Indulgence is the perfect way to enjoy Pur Noire. As an Indulgence member you will receive four automatic shipments of The Pur Collection at a discounted price of $125 per shipment. Your membership gives you 10% off any wine order from Pur Noire.

Don’t want all of the wines in the collection? Add and remove wines from your shipment and get more of the wine that you want.

Also as an Indulgence member you will receive complimentary admission to every Pur Noire event as well as access to our exclusive online media portal. You will also get Pur Noire VIP member area access at events which means you will never wait in a line and will always have great seating. Examples of some of the events are yacht parties, group dinners, and pairing classes.

So what are you waiting on? Indulge!

Pur Lifestyle

24 bottles per year

Each month you will receive at least two bottles of Pur Noire wines. You have the ability to customize your subscription and select the wines you would like to receive each month before they ship. Just log in and make any adjustment that you desire. You will also get 15% of any order from Pur Noire.

As a lifestyle member you also get access to exclusive wines and new vintages. As we roll out new wines and limited vintages you will be alerted and given an opportunity to taste the wine. We will then allow you to preorder the wines before they’re released to the public.

Lifestyle members get VIP access at Pur Noire’s social, educational, and family friendly events. You’ll Enjoy complimentary admission, complimentary wine, complimentary food, and more.

So why not make Pur Noire a Lifestyle today?


Pur Lifestyle + Experiences

24 bottles per year + Experiences

Imagine enjoying a glass of Pur Noire while watching a European sunset. How about participating in a Napa Valley Harvest before trying Pur Noire’s newest vintages? What about a day of pampering followed by live music and a three course Pur Noire wine dinner prepared for a you by a private chef?

If this sounds like you, consider upgrading to the highest level of Pur Noire membership. Lifestyle + members are for people who love wine and want to incorporate it into their love for life! Members will receive exclusive invitations to participate in luxurious events at least two times per year.

You will also enjoy all of the benefits of a Lifestyle membership such as 15% off wine shipments and VIP treatment at all Pur Noire events.

So what are you waiting for? Make it a Lifestyle!


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