More than a wine club, this is a community… a lifestyle.

– Lifestyle club member

Pur Noire’s wine clubs are so much more than quarterly wine shipments. Our clubs are exclusive memberships similar to social clubs or country clubs. There are only a limited number of members allowed every year and members have exclusive access to certain wines and events. Our wine clubs also provide extraordinary member benefits in the form of VIP experiences surrounding the Pur Noire brand.

Pur Lifestyle Shipping

12 Bottles Per Year Minimum

Four Quarterly Shipments

3 Bottles Per Shipment Minimum

Pur Lifestyle Shipping is the perfect way to enjoy Pur Noire for afar. As an Lifestyle Shipping member you will receive four shipments of at least 3 bottles of wine at a discount, 15% off bottles purchased. This membership also gives you flat rates on shipping.

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What are you waiting on?

Pur Lifestyle Pick-Up

12 Bottles Per Year Minimum

One Shipment Per Month

1 Bottle Per Shipment Minimum

Each month you will receive at least one bottle of Pur Noire wines. You have the ability to customize your subscription. You can add additional bottles and select the wines you would like to receive each month. You will get 25% of any bottle purchases from Pur Noire.

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So why not make Pur Noire a Lifestyle today?

Pur Lifestyle + Experiences

24 Bottles Per Year Minimum 

One Shipment Per Month

2 Bottles Per Shipment Minimum + $85 Month (Experience Fee)

Imagine enjoying a glass of Pur Noire while watching a European sunset. How about participating in a Napa harvest before trying our newest vintages?

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