What are the “Notes” of a Wine?

We often get asked, “What do notes mean in wine tasting?” Notes in wine tasting can mean aromas and flavors, often detailed using common wine tasting descriptors. Together, they make up the wine’s profile and define what makes each varietal unique.

These aren’t ingredients; rather, they’re examples of the gastronomical perception that we have when drinking a glass of wine. Tasting notes provide a reference to how a wine might taste, enabling you to better decide if that flavour profile is of interest to you.

Common Wine Flavor Notes

  • Fruit Notes. Some of the most common descriptors in red wine are black and red fruits.
  • Floral Notes. You may get floral scents in certain wines such as chamomile and white jasmine.
  • Herb Notes.
  • Spice Notes.
  • Earthy Notes.
  • Minerality.
  • Notes from the Winemaking Process.
  • Notes from Oak & Bottle Aging.

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The Team at Pur Noire