How To Pair Sparkling Wine/Champagne With Chocolate

DON’T… that’s it. That’s the blog….

All jokes a side it’s really not that great of a pairing. Sure you can do it. There’s sweet sparkling wines or champagne that will work with sweet chocolate and esoteric dry sparkling that may work but why force it? The acid in the wine will likely make dark chocolate taste far more bitter than it is while the sweetness and heaviness of the milk chocolate can impact the clean and crisp mouth feel you get from dry bubbles.

If you simply want to enjoy a great pairing, you’re far better off pairing a beautifully dry and acidic champagne or sparkling wine with French fries. Yes, French fries! Not elegant or refined enough for you? Another great pairing for dry bubbles is champagne or sparkling wine and oysters on the half shell. This classic pairing works great because the two match at a chemical level. According to a study published in Nature Scientific Reports and cited by Forbes, certain chemicals in champagne and oysters pair well to “spark an umami synergy… that greatly enhances the taste of the champagne,” explains the study’s lead author Charlotte Vinther Schmidt

If you’re not huge fan of shellfish, you can always enjoy our absolute favorite pairing. Dry Champagne or Sparkling wine and Fried chicken.  The acidity of the wine does wonders for the greasy fattiness of fried chicken. Basically, salt and fat plus high acid and bubbles equals bliss!

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