Stop and Smell The Rosé: Why You Should Always Smell Your Wine

At Pur Noire, we’re always excited to share our love for wine with you, and today, we’re delving into a practice that adds a touch of poetry to every sip – the art of stopping to smell the wine.

Smelling your wine before taking that first sip is more than a ritual; it’s a gateway to a sensory journey. The benefits are profound, enhancing the overall tasting experience in ways that you might not have considered:

  1. Aroma Appreciation: Your sense of smell is a powerful tool for detecting a wine’s nuances. By pausing to inhale the aromas, you’re priming your palate to identify a spectrum of scents, from the crisp apple notes of Chardonnay to the blackberry undertones of Petite Sirah.
  2. Palate Preparation: The act of smelling your wine prepares your taste buds for the flavors to come. It’s like an appetizer for the senses, heightening your awareness and allowing you to savor the tropical fruit complexities of Sauvignon Blanc or the spicy hints found in a well-crafted Merlot.
  3. Quality Indicator: Aroma can be an early indicator of a wine’s quality. A quick sniff can reveal whether a Pinot Noir is elegantly earthy or if a Zinfandel boasts bold, jammy characteristics.

Mastering the Art of Smelling Wine

While there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to smelling wine, there are some guiding principles that help you get the most out of your aromatic adventure. Learn more and master your technique when you visit our tasting room to stop and smell the rosé, with our friendly and knowledgeable wine associates as your guide. Come in this weekend for a tasting and checkout our upcoming events!